One of our best sellers is the macaron! Fully customizable with different colors and flavors to fit your event and your tastes!


Custom Cookies

At Kneady Lady Bakery, we can fully customize sugar cookies for your next event, celebration, or random day of the week! We also offer other flavors of cookies, including classics such as the chocolate chip cookie.


Cupcakes and Other Treats

We also offer a variety of other sweet treats, including cupcakes, cakes, cake pops, pie pops, brownies, and bars!


What would you like to see?

Don't feel limited by any of the images or offerings you see on this page! Here at Kneady Lady Bakery we are always happy to brainstorm with you and create the perfect dessert options. Whether you have precise ideas of what you'd like or you have no idea what to order, we can help!

Feeling Hungry?

Check out our full menu to start dreaming up your order!