Our Approach

At Kneady Lady Bakery, we pride ourselves on bringing our clients' visions to life...in dessert form! We always strive to customize your vision or ideas and to create delicious and unique treats perfect for any occasion. When you come to Kneady Lady Bakery, you'll receive personalized attention and planning. Plus, we'll always get excited and celebrate life's sweet moments with you!

Our Story

The founder of Kneady Lady Bakery, Anna, has always had a passion for baking. For as long as she can remember, her mom has always gone all out during the holidays (often baking at least a dozen different cookies!). Throughout graduate school, Anna used baking as her creative outlet and to help combat the stress of school. She often brought her treats in to share with her classmates or coworkers.

After moving home to Minnesota, Anna registered Kneady Lady Bakery with the State and took off running! She is now able to share her passion and her desserts with the Minnesota communities!

Meet the Team

By choosing Kneady Lady Bakery, you'll be choosing to support a small, family-owned business. Plus, our Chief Product Tester is always up for additional work.



Founder & Head Baker

The Kneady Lady herself! Anna loves the challenge of creating new desserts and is always up for designing something you'll love!



Co-Owner & Chief Design Consultant

Without Mike, our Kneady Lady wouldn't be able to get through some of her projects. He is always ready to offer assistance when she is stuck on a design decision or just needs an extra hand.



Chief Product Tester

Loves cookies and frosting. 10/10 would recommend Kneady Lady Bakery.

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